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Marselle Bomfim

Marselle Bomfim

Marselle works in the tax and estate planning departments at the office, focusing on the development of personalized and effective solutions, involving advice and planning to reduce exposure to tax and equity risks.

She has experience in the area of tax litigation and worked in significant cases in the administrative and judicial spheres, especially in the areas of hotel business, construction, renewable energy, cellulose production, mining and ports, including the representation of clients in tax disputes.

In the tax advisory field, her experience includes participating in the preparation of memorandum involving the interpretation of Brazilian law and international tax treaties, as well as in the preparation and risk analysis of tax planning.

In the estate planning assistance, she is especially dedicated to the analysis and planning of operations involving inheritance estate issues arising from corporate reorganization operations that involve family governance and property management and preservation, including drafting of wills, prenuptial agreements and stable relationships (uniões estáveis) contracts, as well as the assessment of the tax effects of such operations.



Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil – Seccional BA (Brazilian Bar Association – Sectional Council of the State of Bahia) 

Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Tributário – IBDT

Instituto Brasileiro de Direito de Família – IBDFAM

Instituto de Direito Tributário da Bahia - ITB


Academic Background

LL.M. in Tax Law – INSPER (currently)

Post-Graduate student in Family Law and Sucessions at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo - PUC/SP.

Bachelor of Laws at Universidade Estadual da Bahia – UNEB