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Corporate Compliance is multidisciplinary and complex and must go beyond the obligation to comply with a set of internal and external rules and standards that the company and all its own or third party employees, as well as those who act on their behalf and who integrate the business chair, must follow.

From a dynamic perspective, compliance is based on the company’s mission, values and beliefs, including codes, manuals, controls, implementation of reporting channels, procedures, re-evaluation of third parties agreements, training, and efficiently meeting all provisions of all these regulations, to reach a model of corporate culture that seeks a honest and ethical way of doing business.

Bomfim Novis Advogados advises companies on the structuring, updating and management of Corporate Integrity Programs, building with the client customized solutions in accordance with the context, size of the corporate structure and specificities of each business sector.

To this end, we provide personalized legal support in the prevention, detection and combat of non-compliance practices, working in the preparation of regulatory frameworks, in the diagnosis and assessment of management and legal corporate risks and in the development of internal policies, procedures and instruments (such as code of conduct, manuals regarding interactions with the government, client or supplier, employee training, and communication plans) based on international standards and national legislative requirements.