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Bomfim Novis offers highly specialized assistance in tax litigation and consultancy in the administrative and judicial areas, including claims for tax, financial and real estate incentives, as well as for the granting of special regimes.

The protection of the clients’ interests includes administrative proceedings arising from notices of violation, as well as decisions on tax compensation procedures, requests for refund or credit reimbursement, preparation of formal consultations before the Tax Administration, working strongly before the Administrative Board of Tax Appeals - CARF, the Finance Council of the State of Bahia - CONSEF and the Municipal Council of Taxpayers of Salvador - CMC.

Before the Judiciary Branch, the services comprise the filing of lawsuits to defend the interests of clients, especially involving actions for annulment, declaratory judgment actions on the inexistence of tax relationship, writ of mandamus and defenses in tax executions.

The team’s strong performance area, as a business partner of its clients, especially in view of the complexities and uncertainties of the domestic tax system, is the Tax Consulting and Planning area. Bomfim Novis’ advisory work provides advice on the correct interpretation of tax legislation, whether in the regular development of its economic activities, or in cases of corporate restructurings involving sale, mergers and acquisitions, going public and issuance of debentures. Also, the preparation of Tax Plans involves deep knowledge of business, laws and the legal system and strategies that enable the development of structures that are lawful and capable of enabling clients to conduct their business and operations with the best possible tax efficiency.